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Bone Valley Experience

Explore the unique Bone Valley Experience, a captivating dry dig led by the knowledgeable father-daughter duo, Thomas Hodge and Janie Hodge. Dive into the ancient world as you unearth a stunning array of fossilized teeth, showcasing mesmerizing colors like blue, green, orange, and more. The tour offers a glimpse into the past, with the vibrant hues and exceptional quality of the fossils making it an enriching experience. For additional information about this paleontological journey, visit

The Big Dig Florida

Experience The Big Dig, an engaging artifact hunting adventure where you have the option to engage in trench digging or use the sifting screens. When opting for the screens, the material is conveniently brought to you by a skid steer. As part of the journey, enjoy a provided lunch from Cherry Pocket. The tour is facilitated by Rob, the knowledgeable owner. For more details, visit


Fossil Recovery Exploration

Embark on an intriguing fossil exploration with Fossil Recovery Exploration (FRE), where a selection of tours awaits your curiosity. Whether you choose creek hunts, river airboat tours, or opt for a dry dig experience, each tour provides a unique perspective on fossil recovery. Guided by Chris, the passionate owner. For details, visit

GT'S Digs

Go on an arrowhead hunting expedition at GT's Digs in Elgin, Texas. Choose from trench digging, screen tables, or the distinctive shaker table experience. Our preference was the shaker table, providing a unique twist to our adventure. The team at GT's Digs adds to the overall enjoyment of the experience. Gene (GT), the owner, is super nice and very helpful. For more details about this arrowhead hunting opportunity, visit


Lovesea Jewlwery

Welcome to LoveSea Jewelry, where silver and gold-coated shark teeth meet craftsmanship in stunning harmony. Handmade with love and ethically sourced, each piece tells a unique story of the sea's beauty. Owned by the sweet Caroline Skae, LoveSea Jewelry reflects her passion for sustainable and elegant designs.For a closer look at Caroline's breathtaking creations, explore our collection at

Fossil/Shark Frenzy

Shark Frenzy & Fossil Frenzy are two shops for fossil lovers based in Venice, FL. Each store offers a unique selection of fossils, shark teeth, beachcombing equipment, handmade jewelry, home decor and more! Make the most of your beach trip and learn new fossil hunting methods from our in-store experts. We also offer same day wire wrapping services for your shark tooth finds. Catch the frenzy and don’t forget to say hey to Brittanie the owner of Fossil Frenzy!

Silver Fin Co

Discover the captivating allure of Silver Fin Co, where every piece of shark tooth jewelry is meticulously handmade by Valerie, the heart and soul behind the brand. Each unique creation reflects a deep passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to ethical sourcing, ensuring that every shark tooth is acquired responsibly.
Valerie, the owner, is not only a skilled artisan but also a warm and sweet individual. Her dedication to creating exquisite jewelry is matched only by her kindness, making every piece from Silver Fin Co a true labor of love.
To explore the stunning collection of shark tooth jewelry and experience Valerie's craftsmanship, visit

Sherri's Shark Shop

Sherri, Joe, and their son Bayne run a small family online business specializing in fossils, shark teeth, necklaces, and shark tooth art. If you're interested in exploring their unique collection, you can check out their work on their Etsy shop. Here's the link: Sherri's Shark Shop on Etsy

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